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Hi, I'm Surya

Experimental Physics Researcher & Undergraduate Student at Yale University

Hello! I am a senior at Yale University majoring in Physics and particularly interested in Physics and Astrophysics research. I am looking to use my strong quantitative and statistical skills, knowledge of data analysis, scientific programming skills, as well as my innate curiosity, to gain experience working in research positions both in academia and industry settings.


Yale University

B.S. in Physics (Intensive)

Aug. 2014 - May 2018 (exp)

research experiences

Maruyama Lab

( Feb. 2016 : Present ) Experimental Physics Research Assistant
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Part of CUORE Collaboration, a large multinational collaboration building a ton-scale underground cryogenic detector for extremely rare nuclear events

Lowering experimental background noise for CUORE by identifying events due to hardware contamination

Expanding current thermal models by improving mathematical models and design parameters (Python)

Developing and analyzing Monte-Carlo simulations of contaminated events using particle physics toolkits (C++)


( May 2015 : Aug. 2015 ) on-site research assistant
Laboratorio Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Assergi, Italy

Conducted critical tasks on-site prior to commissioning and data acquisition, such as installing calibration hardware, diagnosing vacuum and cryogenic systems, assisting clean room operations, and setting up security infrastructure

Developed slow monitoring systems to accurately and securely monitor the cryostat using responsive LabVIEW virtual instruments, video streams, and a custom-built web interface using Angular, Bootstrap, and MongoDB

McKinsey Research Group

( May 2015 : Aug. 2015 ) Experimental Physics Research Assistant
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

Investigated the use of superfluid liquid helium-4 as a viable candidate for the detection of dark matter particles

Developed Markov-Chain Monte Carlo simulations to create optimality conditions for detecting dark matter using energy kinematics and mathematical models (Python).

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SQL & NoSQL Databases

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Prof. Reina Maruyama

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

[email protected]

Prof. Karsten Heeger

Professor of Physics, Director of the Yale Wright Laboratory

[email protected]

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